After Hours Statements

After Hours Recorded Statement Service

“Actual contact” is far better than “Attempted contact!”

Gain the advantage by using our after-hours recorded statement service! All recorded statement assignments, whether English or foreign, are called morning, afternoon and evening. The result is a detailed summary including personal information, the scene of the accident with all the details of the accident, including injury information (plus any prior injuries), medical provider and treatment information. And if we are unable to make contact, we update your adjusters weekly with the date and time of our contact attempts.

Prompt Contact

Realize actual contact
Call attempts all day into evening
Calling dates & times provided in updates

Detailed Summary

Injury & prior injury information
Accident scene & details described
Special questions of adjusters answered


Support written narrative
Auto losses include automated diagram
Traffic controls, vehicle direction, impact

Integrate with Other Services

All our services can be used as a stand-alone service or integrated/combined with other services. They have been designed for ease of use and to reduce your spend.

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Combine our After Hours Recorded Statement Service with our Hosted Media service. All recorded statements taken by our statement takers will appear with your claim number together with any recorded statements and transcriptions taken by your adjusters through the hosted recording service. With seamless entry to the ACS website, your adjusters experience immediately the advantage of seeing all recordings for a claim in one storage location.
Combine our After Hours Recorded Statement Service with our Transcription Service. Whether the recorded statement is taken by your adjusters through our hosted recording service, or taken by our statement takers through the after hours recorded statement service (English or foreign), the transcription will be subjected to the same high quality guidelines and turn-around time demanded by our English and foreign recorded statement transcription departments. Each transcription appears beneath its corresponding audio file.
Combine our After Hours Recorded Statement Service with our Foreign Interpreting Service. Our statement takers request the help of our foreign interpreters to reduce your spend and free your adjusters to complete other work. Make “Actual contact” instead of “Attempted contact!” Assign the after hours foreign recorded statements to ACS. Designate you want it taken in English so that you take advantage of the experience and efficiencies of our foreign interpreters.

Would you like to learn about our after hours recorded statement service? Contact one of our account managers.