Photography Services

Photographs provide for more informed decision making and help stop exaggerated injuries and fraud!

Photos are instrumental in making liability decisions on auto liability, GL and WC claims alike. Soft tissue injury claims often arise from low-impact collisions or when no damage is present. Scenes of accidents often change over time, particularly when a hazard is present. Claims involving walkway cracks, parking lot potholes and defective stairs and railings require immediate action before steps are taken to repair the hazard. Our photography service can be used on any type of claim regardless whether the incident occurred indoors or outside.

Scene Locus

Preserve scene due to changes
Measurements for decision making
Walkway cracks, potholes, skid-marks

Vehicle Photos

Fraud prevention & support of SIU
Photos of entire vehicle including VIN
Minor damage mitigates against injury

Field Photos

Nationwide coverage
Defective equipment, serial numbers
Property signs/addresses/maintenance

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