Health Care

Services for the Health Care Industry

Shift medical costs to the appropriate party and help to maintain your premiums!

If alternative medical insurance coverage should be charged for the medical costs your health insurance coverage paid, use our hosted recording service to interview the parties involved to accurately understand how the injury occurred and the medical insurance coverage the parties have. Allow your company to maintain its premiums by reducing your liability. Correctly allocate medical costs to alternative medical insurance coverage.

Translate policy documents and other appropriate material to target foreign speaking segments of the population. We translate documents into a foreign language and foreign documents into English.

Top Security

Encrypted sessions
Data restrictions
Other ISO 27001 standard requirements

Foreign Translation

Identical formatting and pagination
Quotes format/technically dependent
Adherence is turnaround time

Accurate Transcriptions

Transcriptions prioritized
Rushed transcriptions within 24 hours
Accurate, uniform and consistent

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