Hosted Media

Hosted Media Services

Easy-to-use, sophisticated and cutting-edge!

All media, including recorded statements and transcriptions, are hosted in a single repository. This enables collaboration across your entire organization to reduce expenses, control access and catalog recordings by user, unit, office and region. Permission levels are established to control access to all recordings taken for the entire organization. Features are available to allow recordings to be attached to your claim file system and for seamless secure access to the ACS website.

Top Security

Encrypted sessions
Logging of all user activity
Other ISO 27001 requirements satisfied

Simple Access

Available 24*7*365
Conference call recording servers
Claim number memorializes recordings

Powerful Data

Who, when, how & why?
Data by all captured fields
Track/analyze adjuster tendencies

Integrate with Other Services

All our services can be used as a stand-alone service or integrated/combined with other services. They have been designed for ease of use and to reduce your spend.

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Whether the recorded statement is in English or a foreign language, a transcription is one click away. The simplest way to request a transcription (English or foreign) from an audio file is to use the Hosted Recorded Statement solution of ACS. With the Hosted Recorded Statement Solution, the audio file is immediately placed in line for transcription by clicking on the “Request Transcript” button. You can indicate whether the assignment is a rush transcription and can also add a comment relating to the assignment.
Actual contact is far better than attempted contact! Use our After Hours Recorded Statement Service to make contact with parties who are not available during day time hours to take recorded statements and have these audios listed together with those taken through the hosted media service. Our After Hours Recorded Statement Service (English or foreign) provides you with a detailed summary of the accident and an automated diagram for an automobile accident.
By combining our Hosted Recording Service with our Foreign Interpreting Service, you can take advantage of our experienced interpreters who record through the hosted media service. These recordings can be transcribed. Some foreign recorded statements take more than hour. Reduce the spend on interpreting assignments by taking advantage of our low rates, reduced call length, and opportunity cost of increased telephone time for adjusters.

Would you like to learn more about our hosted media service? Contact one of our account managers.