Professional Transcription Service

“Fantastic!” was the comment made by a Fortune 500 client SIU investigator when he referred to our transcription service.

Accurate, uniform and consistent transcriptions set ACS transcriptions apart. Font size; clear identification of the interviewer and interviewee; single space; new line between question and answer; a header identifying claim number and name of interviewee; a certificate of accuracy that includes the date of the transcription and transcriptionist's name identify ACS transcriptions. Highly trained supervisors manage the transcription process from start to finish. All foreign language transcriptions are processed in-house with the same emphasis on uniformity, consistency and accuracy.

Top Security

Transcriptionists are employees
Supervisor assigns access to audio file
Proprietary software preserves security

Best Accuracy

Uniformity & consistency
Transcriptions proofed prior to posting
Time markers inserted when requested

Fast Turnaround Time

Tracking by assignment date
Same day turnaround on rushes
Assigned with "click-of-the-mouse"

Integrate with Other Services

All our services can be used as a stand-alone service or integrated/combined with other services. They have been designed for ease of use and to reduce your spend.

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The simplest way to request a transcription (English or foreign) from an audio file is to use our hosted media solution. With the hosted media service, the audio file is made available immediately to you. By clicking on the “Request Transcript” button next to the audio file, the audio file is instantaneously placed in line for transcription. You can inform us if it is a rush or priority transcription.
After hours recorded statements (English or foreign) assigned to our statement takers can be marked for transcription. If you request a transcription from an after hours recorded statement assignment, immediately upon completion of the recorded statement, the audio is instantaneously placed in line for transcription. A transcription can be requested on any date after the recorded statement has been taken.
Our Foreign Interpreting Service can be combined with the Transcription Service. Our interpreters are experienced and can record any conversation for you. These recordings can be transcribed. Additionally, if you record conversations with our interpreters, the recordings can be uploaded for transcription. With some foreign recorded statements taking more than hour, our Foreign Interpreting Service reduces spend and also the cost of the transcription.

Would you like to learn more about our transcription service? Contact one of our account managers.