Our Story

Our Story

Our story began in 1982. It is one where we have adapted and taken advantage of the opportunities that our clients have presented to enhance our business model.

  • Founding of ACC

    Administrative Computer Consultants, Inc. (ACC) was founded in 1982 in one of Boston’s Back Bay Brownstone buildings by our President, David W. Rix. The initial services offered by ACC included statutory claim processing for Property & Casualty Insurance companies to the Massachusetts Merit Rating Board under the Safe Driver Insurance Plan in Massachusetts, and later, claim processing through to the Massachusetts Automobile Insurers Bureau Detail Claim Database.
  • Moving to Winchester, MA

    As demand for these services increased, the need for more space required a move from the original office. In 1986 the office was moved from Boston to Winchester which offered more space to hire additional employees and to handle our growing services.
  • Founding of ACS

    The experience of working with insurance companies and data collection agencies culminated in the establishment of Administrative Claim Service (ACS) in 1993. David joined with three other insurance executives to form a company to service claim departments of insurance companies with after-hours recorded statements and transcriptions. From 1993 through today, ACS has developed into the premier after-hours English and foreign recorded statement service in the country. We have taken over 500,000 recordings on behalf of our clients.
  • Hosted Recorded Statement Service

    In 2002, at the recommendation of a potential client, ACS began development of its hosted recorded statement service. Once developed, the service allowed client adjusters to take their own recorded statements on ACS recording servers and to listen to them or download them from the ACS website. The recordings are stored according to the claim number of our clients together with the name of the person interviewed and the relationship of that person to the claim. They are stored in our system for as long as the client desires. Over the years this service has evolved to meet the unique needs of our clients and is currently used by some of the largest insurance companies in the country, together with third party administrators and self-insureds.
  • New Office in Westford, MA

    The 2000s gave growth and definition to the services of ACS. In 2008, ACS purchased an additional office in Westford, Massachusetts approximately 40 miles from the Winchester Office. The IT Department and Foreign Interpreting Department were relocated to Westford leaving the executive offices, front office, help desk and statement takers in Winchester.
  • From Winchester to Wakefield, MA

    Further growth necessitated a move from Winchester to Wakefield in May 2015. Accessible to major Interstate highways and public transit stops, the Wakefield office is ideally suited to the needs of the company and employees.

Today and Tomorrow

As we approach the future, the company and its employees are vitally aware of the magnitude of the opportunities available today. By harnessing new technologies that are available, the services of ACS are woven together to give our clients the greatest opportunity to take advantage of advancing technology. By responding to new technology and the imperative of the digital age, our aim is to help our clients carve out market share. As the leader in hosted media, transcriptions, foreign interpreting and after hours recorded statements, we look forward to serving our clients today and tomorrow.